Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The All New Hoselton.com!

The All New Hoselton.com - East Rochester, NY Auto Mall

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We are very excited to announce the launch of the all new hoselton.com! The redesigned website will make it easier and faster for you to browse our entire inventory and schedule a service appointment. The all new hoselton.com is easier to navigate and more mobile friendly. So whether you are on a desktop computer, a tablet or your mobile phone, you have our entire website conveniently at your fingertips.

At hoselton.com you can:
Thanks for checking out our new website! 

Hoselton Auto Mall
Corner of Fairport & Marsh Roads
East Rochester, New York 14445

Monday, December 22, 2014

Toyota Gives Back!

Partnerships with Autism Speaks and Buckle Up For Life Celebrate the True Meaning of this Holiday Season!

Autism Speaks
For the entire month of December, the Hoselton Toyota Service Department will be raising awareness and funds for Autism Speaks! Your generous contribution of $10 or more will help support Autism research and families while rewarding you with $15 off your next service visit! Visit autismspeaks.org/toyotacares to donate and receive your $15 voucher! This promotion runs through December 31st 2014. 

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Buckle Up For Life
Toyota USA has partnered with Buckle Up For Life to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the program! For every participant, Toyota will donate 10 car seats to families in need, up to 10,000 car seats! 

So, how do you participate? It's easy!
  1. Buckle up someone or something you love
  2. Take a photo
  3. Share on Twitter or Instagram using #BuckleUpForLife

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Contact us if you have any questions about these promotions!

Hoselton Auto Mall
Corner of Fairport & Marsh Roads
East Rochester, New York 14445

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We Have Gift Certificates!

Hoselton Auto Mall in East Rochester, NY - Toyota, Scion, Chevy, Nissan and Pre-Owned Dealership
Available at the entire Hoselton Auto Mall complex!

The Perfect Gift For Your Loved One!

Did you know that we have Gift Certificates available for purchase at any Hoselton Service or Parts Department? Some great gift ideas include:
  • Service Credit (for any service needed)
  • Complete Interior & Exterior Doll Up
  • Remote Car Starter
  • Heated Seats
  • Snow Tires
  • Tonneau Covers
  • and more!
Contact us if you would like to purchase a gift certificate!

Hoselton Auto Mall
Corner of Fairport & Marsh Roads
East Rochester, New York 14445

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Driving Quiz!

Winter Driving Quiz!

How Much Do You Know About Winter Driving?

Put your winter driving knowledge to the test with this short quiz!

1. TRUE OR FALSE - The usefulness of daytime headlights has never been established as reducing the number of traffic accidents.

2. Should you under-inflate or over-inflate your tires in cold weather or leave them at the same tire pressure as in warm weather?

3. When sliding into a skid, what is the best course of action?
a. Turn in the direction of the skid
b. Turn in the opposite direction of the skid
c. Try to steer straight ahead

4. When approaching an icy or snowy hill should you…
a. Speed up to reach the top of the hill as quickly as possible
b. Come to a complete stop then accelerate to reach the top of the hill
c. Slow down before reaching the hill and make the assent slowly and steadily

5. When coming down a snowy or icy hill, should you…
a. Come to a complete stop and then make your descent
b. Shift into a lower gear and make a slow descent
c. Use only your brakes to slow you down as you descend

6. If you are ever caught in a snowstorm and have to walk in the street, should you…
a. Walk with the traffic
b. Walk against the traffic

1. False. Every report published indicates that the use of daytime headlights reduces accidents by as much as 37%. 

2. The answer is to always keep tires inflated at the level recommended by the manufacturer. Both under and over-inflation can increase the incidence of blowouts and skidding. 

3. The correct answer is a. Turn in the direction of the skid. This is your best chance to restore some traction. 

4. The correct answer is c. Slow and steady ascent has been proven to be the best course in ascending an ice-covered or snow-covered hill. 

5. The correct answer is b. By shifting into a lower gear before descending you will gain more traction. 

6. The correct answer is b. Walk facing the oncoming traffic. By doing this you are better able to alert oncoming traffic to your location and see if any cars are veering into your path. Wearing or waving bright-colored clothing is also advisable.

How did you do?

Hoselton Auto Mall
Corner of Fairport & Marsh Roads
East Rochester, New York 14445